Looking around the gorgeous office my team and I work from (lovingly remodeled by my husband!) here on Kent-Kangley Road in beautiful Kent, Washington, I can’t help but feel like one of the luckiest people in the world.

I have my faith. I have my wonderful family. I have great friends. And I have a career that I still love, 15 years after it began.

I’ve always been driven by a need to solve problems. Finding solutions is to me what finding a cure for cancer might be to a doctor, or finding the perfect accessories might be to a stylist. It’s that thing that puts a smile on my face. It keeps me going. In fact, it’s what gets me out of bed each morning, excited about going to “work”.

Which is a good thing. Because, as you may have heard, real estate is a seven-day a week career, and if I wasn’t excited every morning I don’t think I’d still be here. That desire to help you is what’s also lead me to receive numerous honors and recognitions for the work I do.

But finding solutions and making complex situations appear simple isn’t the only thing I’m passionate about. My local community fills my heart with joy.

Like most of us, my family and I have faced our share of challenges in life. Without the resources offered by this community we would not have benefited from the positive outcomes we enjoyed. That’s why involvement with organizations such as Kent Hope (a woman’s day shelter) and Young Life (which reaches out to teens to give them a place to feel welcome, accepted and have fun) are so very important to me.

Meet the Success Squad

“Behind every successful person is a dedicated team, who are experts in their own right.”

That’s certainly the case with my business! My team is a “Goldilocks” team: We’re not so big that you’ll feel lost, and not so small that we can’t address every single one of your wants and needs. Instead, we’re that “just right” size.

Take a moment to meet my success squad. Without these individuals, I couldn’t offer you the outstanding client experience I’ve become known for.

Merle Reeder -Assistant Licensed Broker

After more than 30 years owning a general contracting business (Reeder Brothers Construction), my husband Merle became a roofing salesman for Northwest Roof Service in downtown Kent. Six years ago, he also got his real estate broker’s licensed and joined my team on an “as needed” basis. Owning his construction business and working with Northwest Roof, has helped Merle develop outstanding skills in project management. More importantly, he understands construction and repairs issues – critical when we are helping both buyers and sellers understand potential problems with their homes. Merle’s eyes are critical ones when it comes to reviewing inspection reports, and clients love working with him as a showing agent.

Dave Mitchell - Assistant Licensed Broker & COO

Dave joined Team Marti in the summer of 2020, bringing a wealth of experience and leadership. Dave will be serving in the key role of Chief Operating Office, as well as Assistant Licensed Broker.

He has lived in Kent for over 20 years and has served in a variety of leadership roles in the region. He served as COO at Seattle’s Union Gospel Mission from 2011-2019. He was CEO and President of CHI-LLC from 2000-2011. Additionally, he has been very active in various volunteer roles including serving with the Kent Community Foundation, Kent Sunrise Rotary, Kent Chamber of Commerce, Kent Young Life, and on the board of KentHOPE.

“I am thrilled to join Team Marti and serve on the #1 Home Team right in my own community!” says Dave.

Courtney Gunderson - Marketing Specialist

Courtney joined Team Marti summer of 2020, she has 14 years experience in marketing & administration and joins Team Marti after five years with a Commercial Real Estate Team as a Marketing Assistant.

Courtney brings her valuable graphic design skills and back ground to the team to guarantee that every listing is shown off in the best light possible. She excels in the office environment with a focus on customer service. Courtney will ensure you get the excellent service you deserve!

Mandie Gramann - Administrative Assistant

As Marti’s daughter and mother of her grandchildren, Mandie has a special affinity for being a member of Team Marti. Mandie’s career in real estate began after a stint in the insurance industry. She had a well-paid desk job supporting the insurance salesmen, but she didn’t feel stretched or inspired. Her ideas in business, marketing and event-planning were not needed. Not feeling as creative in her job as she would like to be, she began sharing her concern with her mom.

Not long after, in 2013, Mandie left the insurance job and became Marti’s full time administrative and marketing assistant. Additionally, she obtained her real estate license to be of added value.

Today, while being mom to the prized grandchildren is her first job, Mandie continues to work part time for Team Marti, as Marti’s administrative assistant, taking care of the details, so our Team Leader can focus on clients!

Mandie was raised in Kent and is now raising her children a few minutes away in Covington. Her girls are slated to attend two out of three of the same schools their mom attended.

“My husband and I were both raised in the area and are grateful to be raising our two girls on the East Hill. We appreciate all that Kent-Covington-Maple Valley has to offer in terms of parks, recreation, organizations and events, and I’m really lucky to work part time with my mom, just minutes from home.”